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The Classic SunCatcher



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SunCatchers Can Be Custom Sized or Custom Designed For Rooftop Applications Or To Be Attached To An Existing Home As A Solarium.



We have a new name and website!

SunCatcher Design Group will now be SunCatcher PSG (Passive Solar Greenhouses), to better reflect our recent efforts to bring you some exciting additions to SunCatcher's services and products.

Over the last five years SunCatcher has been working to produce the best passive solar greenhouses needed for our world. The goal has been to build SunCatcher into a global, green job-producing business providing a critical component for sustainable, year-round food security at the individual, family and community levels.

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We are excited to continue evolving and apologize that our site is currently under construction to better reflect our focus and direction.   


What SunCatcher PSG will offer

After five years of research and development, SunCatcher PSG has built and tested prototypes for a full spectrum of passive solar greenhouse needs from the single urban apartment dweller to the whole community. SunCatcher PSG is striving to bring you the following passive solar design services and products. Click on any image below to learn more.



Medium - Large

  gallery/69/SCJR 7.png gallery/69/hobby 4.png gallery/16/passive_solar_classicl_greenhouse.JPG

SunCatcher Jr.

a 4' x 4' grow box designed for the urban dweller, seniors, gardeners and schools that can be shipped and easily assembled

Hobby SunCatcher

a prefabricated 10’ x 20’
SunCatcher delivered and 
set up at your home or business

Classic SunCatcher

ideal for urban rooftops or rural landscapes



For a Better World

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Plans, kits, and special parts for building your own SunCatcher    

SunCatcher PSG Global Research & Education Initiative works to research and develop new applications while providing free educational passive solar greenhouse design information for everyone 


Our goals

As we approach the winter of 2014-2015, SunCatcher PSG will make every effort to build and test as many of these prototypes in order to bring each one into production. There are additional designs that have not been built and tested that need to occur as soon as possible but each of these require capital to build, test, then bring to market.

We are interested in involving others who might be interested in joining us in the effort to bring these and other year-round food producing designs and products to a needy world as soon as possible.

What we need from you

In order to accelerate the positive global impact needed to help humanity in a timely fashion we want SunCatcher PSG Global Research & Education Initiative to be a venture to research and develop new applications while releasing information for everyone without fees or legal obligations, and to educate people all over the world to build passive solar greenhouses and human terrariums.

Funding, resources, and networking for research and educational purposes are needed.  We are open to identifying strategic partners to provide needed resources and personnel.

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